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I would like a new profile picture, so I'd like one made by a fresh artist trying to be discovered.

Let the Summer Shenanigans BEGIN!

Is that a UNICORN?

2010-06-06 21:16:36 by TheMicrowaveNinja

I'm trippin'...balls.

Do your balls ever feel tired, maybe even blue? Get them up and buzzed with Ballfee, coffee for your balls! How does it work? Simple, you dip your balls in a cup of our Ballfee (scalding hot or icy cold) and feel the rush in your balls. But why stop there? You can even teabag Ballfee, there for making your balls extra energized, for they soak in the Ballfee and soak up the juice of warriors. Try Ballfee today!

If you read this than vote 5 on everything coming through the Flash Portal for the next 5 days.


2010-06-02 18:27:25 by TheMicrowaveNinja

Today I got the Netflix disk for my's awsome. I'm gonna watch some Weeds later.

The greatest four days of May are over. :C

Thank God it's over

2010-05-27 18:12:45 by TheMicrowaveNinja

Too...many...bus rides...

Cape Cod

2010-05-24 16:45:27 by TheMicrowaveNinja

Has a school trip to Cape Cod tomorrow for Earth Science. It's overnight for two nights and we come back on Thursday for Memorial Day Weekend! practically 7 days off. Woot! Woot!


2010-05-20 20:48:43 by TheMicrowaveNinja


word of the day!

2010-05-18 19:59:30 by TheMicrowaveNinja

beardface: when a person's beard covers more than half of their face.

word of the day!